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Ingrid's Solar Eclipse Intuitive Reading April 8, 2024

The below cards, from Kim Karns’ The Wild Unknown Archetypes powerful Tarot deck, were pulled, and they tell us a story about this auspicious eclipse event. Below is my intuitive interpretation:


We are in a stormy sea of consciousness. Nothing makes sense anymore. Everything is dissolving and falling apart. There is a chaotic, panicky, energy of profound ungroundedness everywhere. What you thought was solid, or stable, is being ripped away by the winds of change now. There is nothing to fight that you can grasp. Our FEARS are rampant everywhere. The lesson is to go within and wait the storm out. Slow down, nurture yourself. 

Can you find the ‘eye in the calm of the storm’ and rest there?


This card shows a hand reaching out into the dark mystery. The storm sets up a situation to become open to new unknown possibilities. There are twinkles of light, stars, showing through the dark. The light is always behind and within the darkness. The diamond speaks of the possibility of a shining clarity to be found within the darkness if you can stay present to it. The snake implies the transformational process that a Shaman guides you through. The Shaman card suggests you are being offered alchemically to transmute the healing potential from the unseen worlds into healing your core shadow traumas. Look for the magic around you and reach out for support.

Do you have the courage to trust and rest into the darkness?

Are you ready to let go of your past consciousness, ancestral patterns that are in your body, emotions, and relational patterns around you, that no longer are serving your highest soul good?


The Divine Mother is the womb nest from which all consciousness begins. In her body is where our first heartbeat is formed. Where our first love begins within our body. The snake of transformation follows with the first birthing process from her body. The snake is long, wrapping several times within the womb nest, implying the capacity of many ego deaths and re-birthing processes can follow in one lifetime.  We can learn how to allow our body and minds to surrender to this innate internal wisdom of collective evolution. The father solar eclipse with the shadow of the mother moon is a divine communal portal of this dying and birthing process today. This Mother womb essence is the pearl of wisdom within our soul self. The reaching hand rests here, above the pearl of the Divine Mother’s love, at the core truth of how the braids of bread can nourish us internally if held in balance. This eclipse birthing process has been a time of great of intensity and pressures. There can also be a limit to the Mother’s capacity to give, she needs her time to regenerate, and sometimes unowned limitations can distort into unconscious controlling or other negative patterns. Be aware of both sides of the Divine Mother and honour both with compassion and respect. As is also apparent within the Divine Father archetype. 

In what ways are your fears trying to control or hide your limitations or shadow aspects? 

Have you stopped spiritually bypassing your limitations and started to address the deeper shadow lessons of love or not-love?


The Mother’s pearl love is also a core wisdom of love energy that is always emanating from Source at the core of our being, has the capacity to constantly radiates out into the world with a symphony of rainbow colour frequencies, to others. When we can discover how our consciousness is in service to the Source of love within, our world shifts and we can begin to look for ways we can be of service to others. The Self card is about being the watcher, the witness and cultivating a deeper connection with your soul self. The eclipse at this time, suggests that our Self conscious is ready to explore the full breadth of life’s offerings. Your inner Self is your witnessing awareness container that holds an infinity of possibilities that you can be open to in evolving through constantly new becoming states of being. 

Are you ready to begin to discover how your divine love essence within can radiate out into the world with your soul purpose?

Georgia O'Keefe Abstraction Seeweed & Water, 1920

Learn how to become fearless, and allow these constantly changing energetic shifts to alchemically transmute all of us into a beautiful world of inclusivity, deeper inter-connectedness, co-creative flow states, and a profoundly increasing love of for everything, including the energy of God/Source consciousness light, that is inside every dark moment within.

During the Eclipse on April 8, 2024, we were in the PAUSE of the dark STILLNESS in-between. And the energies continue to unfold powerfully through us all.

Stay present to what you experience in your body, visions or words of wisdom that may come to you, as we hold this precious shift together. 

 I would love to hear stories from you of how you are experiencing these times and how you are moving through today’s profound moment of a new beginning!

With unconditional love, in the light through the beautiful birthing process of the new in these darker times,


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