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“I hold a compassionate, open-hearted presence with a strong spiritual consciousness component with the work. We are spiritual beings learning how to become more embodied and present in the 'now 'of our bodies.  For me, it is not about transcending the body, but learning how to let go of the mind and listen to the deep wisdom of the body. Learning how to live with greater balance by integrating the body with mind and soul is the objective of healing. The body is central to being alive and without a body, there is no life possible.

I listen intuitively to the words underneath your words.  I actively observe and assist you to engage with your body, its movements, your breath and teach you how to listen to the deeper truths hidden within.  At times we may express sound, use touch in various respectful ways or mirror your authentic, truer self, through cognitive awareness. Or we might use transpersonal visualizations, or dream work analysis to explore the unconscious further. You will learn how to be more present, discover the felt sense of your body, and how to gently let go of your dysfunctional parts that may hold you back from living your life with more vitality, aliveness and joy."


Ingrid is trained to observe the micro-movements in body language and expression with deep listening to the words as well as the content behind the words. She does deep therapeutic work that integrates consciousness with the body, with over 20 years of experience in dream analysis,  positive life coaching and so much more. Ingrid can help you to uncover unconscious blocks that prevent the free expression of your soul being, giving you new hope and support to grow and thrive to your most optimal and vital self!”

My Background Experience

The Path of the Mystic


Ingrid Cryns has been on a journey of self-growth and healing for over 25 years.  In 1995, precipitated by a relational trauma healing crises, Ingrid had an unusual spiritual awakening experience that opened up her heart, eyes and ears to a profound and larger perspective of reality.  She spent several years re-organizing her body, mind and soul, doing the personal work as well as training professionally as a body soul psychotherapist.

Ingrid walks the path of the Mystic, and is Spiritual Guide into the 'Unknown'.  She accepts the mystery of the universe and is equally fascinated and constantly curious about it, all the time.  She is a deep explorer of 'Alternate Realities'.  She holds space well for others who are searching for their deeper, soul self including sense of a larger experience of how we are all inter-connected.


At different times on her path, Ingrid has been diagnosed with PTSDCFSIBSLyme’s Diseaseheavy metal toxicitymultiple chemical sensitivitieselectromagnetic hypersensitivityfood allergies and intolerance’s and more. Ingrid has healed herself with a fierce commitment and passion to understanding the body, mind & emotional relationships, along with how it continues to influence her own soul path. Ingrid believes in healing by synthesizing both western with eastern medicine or more holistic approaches. She has a deep compassion for other people’s life journeys and has a gift to empower others to find their own healing and soul purpose in life.

Experienced in Body-oriented Psychotherapy (since 2000), certified as a Senior Bioenergetic Analyst, in 2003 she opened up her own clinical practice as a therapist and healer.  Ingrid grandfathered in as a Registered Psychotherapist with the CRPO since 2017 and her practice is currently operating as Building Soul

With a strong background in Buddhist teachings, Ingrid has studied with the Shambhala Meditation Centre of Toronto. The well-known monk, Pema Chodron is connected with this lineage and her work has been a foundational influence in how Ingrid lives.  Ingrid has also explored the path of Big Mind consciousness work and the teachings of Denis Genpo Roshi


Ingrid may include in her work at times an integrated form of transpersonal and shamanic psychotherapies, since she began this journey over 20 years ago, with initial teachings through the Institute of Shamanic Psychotherapy

in Toronto.

Ingrid is currently studying the work of Tomas Hubl, a German philosopher,  mystic and author who has a focus on healing collective & generational trauma. She has trained in the Conscious Healing and The Art of Transparent Communication courses & is also qualified as a Facilitator for a Hubl Meditation Practice Group .


Ingrid is currently also a Retired Architect, with expertise in sustainability and natural (straw bale) building. She is a certified Basic Canoe Instructor and canoe tripping guide. Ingrid spent many years on solo canoe tripping adventures developing deep personal connections with Nature. Ingrid is also an accomplished artist, sculptor and avid photographer, a talented piano player, flutist, drummer and proud mother of two flourishing daughters.

Due to severe food and chemical sensitivities, Ingrid moved out of the city into the country to begin a personal journey of learning how to live closer to Nature and is on a continuous growth path of how to homestead self-sufficiently. Ingrid lives in Uxbridge, northeast of Toronto, on a small hobby farm surrounded by several acres of loving trees, meadows, ponds, and large organic gardens.

Helping Hand


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