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Rock Maze

A Typical Session

Therapeutic Boundaries

There are very clear boundaries regarding touch.  Sometimes no physical contact is required and only talking is needed, or one is simply guided by verbal suggestion. Sometimes light hand pressure on a part of the body is offered. Permission is always requested. Touch can also occur through holding the arms, body, with acupressure or tapping on specific areas.  Respectful physical contact can sometimes help to access the emotional or energetic blocks that cause muscle tension found in the body such as in the jaw, head, back, or chest, etc. 


In a typical session, there are various possibilities of experience such as:


  • talking, integrating and/or
    re-organizing core issues and dysfunctional belief system

  • learning new subtle awareness of the body’s messages through body-mind exercise explorations or through guided meditations

  • building resources of positive resiliency skills to support a healthier and more functional life

  • releasing and letting go of blocked energy, issues, or trauma

  • gaining a stronger sense of self and a more grounded, present moment experience of being in the body

  • greater self-possession or em-body-ment that will increase your confidence

  • getting a sense of your own inner soul, meaning, work, and/or life purpose on Earth

  • finding a peaceful and loving energy within oneself that feels supportive, consistent and sacred

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