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Ecstatic Trance Postures

“I recall going to your class a long, long time ago, and to this day, I love trees (I was a tree and a frog in your class), as I have so much appreciation for trees, and frogs now. It’s amazing how your class has changed my life, literally. Your teaching of the class feel so very safe, and sacred, and the altered state (as strange as it is, and somewhat a bit scary, as I love control), this class does wonders for me.”       – Sandy Hurst, Toronto

Thursday Sept 26
Thursday Oct 24
Thursday Nov 21

7:00 – 9:30/10 pm

$25 RSVP in Advance

MIN ENROLLMENT OF 4 PEOPLE NEEDED to go ahead with this event. Deadline for Advanced Registration is midnight Monday Oct 21.


By Donation, AT THE DOOR +/- $35

2174 Major Mackenzie Drive, Vaughan, Ontario, L6A 3Y8, Maple,ON

Please email, call (866-888-7662) or  CLICK HERE to RSVP 

Dear Friends!

After a long hiatus, I am finally resurrecting these monthly workshops in Maple/Vaugan!  Thank you all for your patience in waiting for me over these past few years as I’ve been adjusting to living out in the country (north of Uxbridge)! I have missed these truly wondrous and beautiful teaching events as much as some of you have!!

These events are experimental & experiential and are offered by Donation (to not exclude anyone!). They are largely run as a study group.

Get out of your left brain for a few minutes & enjoy the wonders found through a right brain/body experience with the SACRED.

If you are able to and willing to bring a potluck snack to share (gluten & sugar-free options are cherished!), it would be greatly appreciated – it will also be a wonderful time to meet new friends and get more connected with each other.

Please RSVP as the space is limited to 15 max for the postures experience. We start on time right at 7:00 pm sharp!  Late arrivals may respectfully wait until the rattle has stopped shaking to enter so as to not disturb the sacred space. We will close at 9:30/10 pm.

There is a GO train service, 10 min walk away and there may also be car pooling opportunities as well.  Please contact me for more details if needed.


Please email, call (866-888-7662) or  CLICK HERE to RSVP 


An exploration of specific body postures that act as a biological door, or gateway to the Alternate Reality while in a trance state. Experience the science of ecstatic body feeling. Learn from direct experience & raise your immune system. There are over 75 possible postures & always 2 postures are explored in each workshop in order to feel the difference they are with each other.


Possible types of experience:

* A profound sense of joy and deep love

* An increase of energy & immune system boost

* An absorbing or clearing of emotional and/or physical toxins

* Receiving a flow of healing energy

* A direct experience of being a plant or animal, or

* A journey to lower world, middle world or upper world realities, or

* Divination – Hearing advice or given images to interpret as advice

Experience the science of Shamanism & ecstatic body feeling. While sitting or standing in a very specific posture, listening to a rattle shake in a steady manner for only 15 minutes, participants enter into a trance state. The rattle allows an “acoustic driving” affect that blocks the verbal left hemisphere of the brain and opens access to the intuitive right hemisphere. The postures act as a biological door, like a gateway in our body to allow us to open up into the ‘Alternate Reality’. It is about learning from direct experience.

There are over 50 known postures labeled in groupings such as:

Healing, Divination, Metamorphosis, Spirit Journeys, Initiation: Death and Rebirth, Living Myths, and Celebration

These postures produce a common effect, according to Felicitous Goodman, Founder of the work, because they all share one thing in common – the one thing we all share – the human body, the basic structure and functioning of which has remained unchanged since the time of our most ancient ancestors. The nervous and endocrine systems are, in fact, all much the same as they were 30,000 years ago, a fact which enables modern city dwellers to enter the otherworld just as effectively through the same neural doorways as Neolithic medicine women and shamans throughout history.

Some examples of postures; (Postures are designed for fairly specific purposes.)

The Lady of Cholula posture, for instance, connects one with a grandmotherly presence who gives advice or clarification, whereas the Tennessee Diviner is the preferred posture for specific questions concerning ceremony.

The Tattooed Jaguar posture, dated from around 1400 BC, is considered a shapeshifting posture which facilitates a view of reality from the perspective of a Big Cat. In Gore’s words, “many individuals become sensitized to the non-human world and grow in rapport with the animals”.

Recommended Reading; Where the Spirits Ride the Wind, by Dr. Felicitous D. Goodman

Please email, call (866-888-7662) or  CLICK HERE to RSVP 

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